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Why You Should Pay For Your Photoshoots.

Some models think they should be able to do photoshoots for free or think they should have to pay more than 50 bucks for a photoshoot. This is crazy not only is it crazy, the numbers don’t match up.


Lets take a look:




Camera - $600 - $3,000

Lighting - $300 - $4,000

Tri Pod - $20 - $200

Travel - Depending / time

Editing - time

Parking - $5 - $30 ( having to come to big city where parking is not free)




Make up - $20 - $75

Travel - depending /time

These are just the basic needs of both the photographer and the model, there are much more things you can add to this list.


But really this is not even how the game works. The photographer nor the model should be paying each other. The brands that hire them pay them both to create a product, that they can show the world to sell a product or an idea.


With that being said, if the model is the brand or idea any photos taken of them can then generate money.  Money for the brand not the photographer.


So if your getting a free shoot and growing a brand, then your really winning.  The only way this benefits a photographer is if your brand is bigger than their own. That still doesn't size up to the big bill your photographer has to pay every time he shoots.


If you respect what your photographer is doing for you and they hook you up with a free shoot. Shit tip them at least lol