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Twiggy, The Nerdy Stripper


She loves Star Wars, Comic Books, and attends several comicons every year. She enjoys building forts and her dream date would be to go to Hobbiton with a Jedi Knight. Her Facebook page is called the Nerdy Stripper. She goes by “Twiggy” and I finally got in touch with her. I wasn’t disappointed. Twiggy is the perfect mix of comic reading-shut in and tattooed exhibitionist.


E.N.T. “Is there a standard scale for nerdiness? Like from . . . Poser to Basement-dweller, and where would you rate yourself?”


Twiggy: “Well I'm much more of a basement dweller. I spend weeks at a time alone in my house, reading comics and gaming. A new game and I fall into the deepest abyss of middle earth. I'll always climb to the peak of Zirakzigil to get myself out, but that Balrog is a spiteful bitch! However, most of my friends are similar, so it's an understanding community. My most social time of year is Comicons. Needless to say, I'm definitely leaning to one side here.”


E.N.T. “What's the least geeky thing about you?


Twiggy: “Well that's hard because you can be geeky or nerdy about anything really. The textbook definition of a geek is either a computer expert or enthusiast, or an overly intellectual person, who may be peculiar and/or dislikable. I feel that we (social outcasts of all ages) have reclaimed this word and re-branded it as someone outside of societal norm who indulges in certain hobbies to an obsessive extent. Because I'm OCD, it's hard to think of something I don't completely obsess over.

But to attempt to answer, I would say the least geeky thing about me is my bizarre obsession over Bell Biv Divoe's “That girl is Poison”. I hear that song and it's like “Relax” for Zoolander, I lose my shit and have been known to almost decapitate important people.”


E.N.T. “What's your guilty pleasure?


Twiggy: “Building forts and wrapping everything in bacon weave.”


E.N.T. “You'll have to forgive me but, what is Bacon Weave?


Twiggy: “Bacon weave is exactly what it sounds like. A picnic basket style weave made from strips of bacon instead of..whatever baskets are made out of. Weaved together until it's one cohesive unit.”


E.N.T. “Given the choice, which would be more fun on a date a Jedi or a Sith Lord? And which would be a better husband?


Twiggy: “I think a Jedi would be a better date and husband. Basically the same powers, minus the blue lightning, and the Jedi wins in the end (well if we're getting technical, Ewoks win in the end...thanks Lucas). Also, I'm a sucker for the good guy.”


E.N.T. “Should I be excited that Disney is doing Star Wars now?


Twiggy: “Well it's J.J Abrams directing, and he's rocked the shit out of the last 2 Star Trek movies. I mean, Into the Darkness was one of best movies I've seen since...the last Star Trek movie? I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. It had so much awesome inside jokes and references to Wrath of Khan and other Trek films for all the Trekkies (like myself, although let me make this clear, I'm down with the Wars till I die!), and enough epic action to keep the rest entertained. This man has turned complete homo sapiens (or non mutants) and muggles (non magic folk) into Star Trek fans, a level of fandom that was not in all nerds to begin with! That's a feat!  In Abrams we trust. Also Harrison Ford has signed on, which is a pretty big indication that it's not going to destroy our childhood dreams the way the new saga did. *Shudders* Honestly, it can't be worse than that. Nothing can.”



E.N.T. “Ever hear any good pick-up lines?


Twiggy: “I just watched a Billy Crystal western movie, where a guy says "I love her ass, I want to wear it as a hat” or something to that effect. If a guy ever said that to me, I would buy him a drink.”


E.N.T. “Do you have one artist do all your tattoos, or are they from different artists?”


Twiggy: “Right now I'm all about Andrew Swarbrick, from New Zealand. If I could get tattooed by him forever, I would. He's badass, I also really want to get some work done by Timmy B. He's in New York and I've been a fanboy for ages! I also have quite a bit of work from Chris Lowe from Maryland. He's done all my nerdy portraits. I'm a collector. There are many artists I want work from. Bob Tyrell and I have threatened to work together, so hopefully we can make that happen soon. It's just a matter of time ;)”


E.N.T. “Tell us about your dream date.”


Twiggy: “My dream date is to go to Hobbiton (Hobbit land, or 'The Shire' from Lord of the Rings in New Zealand. They actually built that place, not out of cardboard, but with dirt and wood and such. I guess what I'm trying to say is LORD OF THE RINGS IS REAL!!) dressed in our Sunday-best, drinking expensive wine out of the bottle, taking Polaroids of each other being hobbitty. A girl can dream right?”



E.N.T. “How many Comicons do you attend on a good year? What's the farthest you've traveled to one?


Twiggy: “I usually go to about 5 Comicons a year. I've been to England for one, and attended a hobby & gaming convention in Australia. I really want to go to Dragon Con in New Orleans, NY CC in New York (..duh), and obviously San Diego Comicon, but that's insanely hard to get in!”


E.N.T. “What's this I hear about you being involved in a TV show?


Twiggy: “Yes. I'm filming a show In Las Vegas right now that airs in November about building Rat Rods (old custom cars). However, I'm not too sure what I can say about it without getting in trouble so I'll just say follow my blog on Facebook 'The Nerdy Stripper’ and when I can let it all out, I will.”



E.N.T. “The nerdy factor can be kind of intimidating. If a girl is a total nerd what's a good way for an interested non-nerdy guy to break the ice without looking like a poser/douche?


Twiggy: “Yeesh a muggle? I don't know :P.

...but seriously I don't know.

I'm incredibly turned on by intelligence, wit, and charm. Silver tongues do well with me.

But honestly, read a comic or play some WOW. If you want someone, do your research.


Ladies, how much pointless shit about sports do you know that you could not give a fuck about?




E.N.T. “So I guess would be a good place to start. Since it's several nerdy ladies providing tons of awesomeness with a Canadian accent?


Twiggy: “ is an all powerful, badass, nerdcore website my best friend J3SS built, completely run and written by women. All the chicks are mega cool, insanely talented and knowledgeable of their respective hobbies, and seriously rep the title of G33kpron Girl. I know we all wear it like a badge of pride, and yes we're all Canadian too :)”


E.N.T. “Can you tell us where you work/dance?


Twiggy: “I have actually officially retired from the Strip Club world. I happily worked at Brass Rail for 2 years, and still visit whenever I'm in the city. I had the best time there, but I stripped for 4 and a half happy years (which is like 27 stripper years) and it is time to move on. I'm in the middle of creating an epic nerd themed strip and acrobatic show, which will be unleashed onto the world 2014. But there isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss it.”


E.N.T. “Tell us something you've never told anyone before.


Twiggy: “I watch The Dinosaurs every night before I go to sleep. Jim Henson is a God.”


Check out The Nerdy Stripper on Facebook and read up on all things geeky and female at, and remember if you ever meet Twiggy, tell her you want to wear her ass as a hat. You’ll get a free drink.


By Jonathan A. Wallace