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Too Short To Be A Model

So you want to be a model...? How tall are you, 5’ 4’’ or 5’6”? Sorry you’re too short.


    This is what most short women hear when they’re trying to pursue their dreams of becoming a model. The question is, why is this incredibly beautiful woman who's style is admired by other women and men would do anything for not able to model? Isn’t that what models do? The answer is it’s all industry bull shit that rarely gets challenged.  The perception of  having to be tall to be a model never changes.


The definition of a model is - a small copy of something; a system or thing used as an example to follow or imitate. No where in that definition does it say must be 5’ 10’’+.


    Truth is, when looking at photo of a model in a magazine there’s no way of telling how tall the model really is, unless she’s standing next to something that you know exactly how tall it is. So the only time it really would matter is in a fashion show where you can actually see how tall some one is. That’s only a problem because designers make clothing around the models which they assume are tall. This is what the industry portrays.


    There are so many different types of models. There’s no real reason to even waste your time trying to be a runway model when that’s only 5% of the whole modeling industry.



You can be an acting, promotional, fashion, catalog, editorial, fitness, lifestyle, corporate, swimwear, lingerie,  glamor, nude, editorial, body part, face, artistic, even a model on the back of a cereal box. What ever kind of model you want be other than runway, the list goes on and on.


   At the end of the day becoming a great model is all about branding yourself to be someone that everyone wants to be. So next time someone tells you you’re to short to be a model go out and prove them wrong!