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Anthony Skitz Wright

  I think I have a beautiful mind. You can compare my mind to the Deathstar a nanosecond before it exploded. I use this beautiful mind to craft new realities such as ENT Magazine and other ventures. I love women, music, and adventures. I'm CEO. I'll take your picture! @skitzafrenic - skitzafrenic.com

Jonathan Wallace VP/CFO

Jonathan Wallace is a successful businessman, military professional, and all around badass. He's an accomplished baby-daddy, convicted criminal, and a wild drunk. He also writes in an entertaining and fun style that makes it less of a chore to read. You can check out his writing on his blog. Hit him up on FaceBook, twitter, and OkayCupid.

Julia Johnson, Editor

Julia is a modern wife, mom and coffee drinker. She loves her family, coffee and almost anything purple. She is a long time girl scout and school volunteer. She is sarcastic and funny. She enjoys home decorating, social media, coffee,movies and reading.  Julia also has a love of a good purse and a good cup o' joe. She has an extremely low tolerance for whiny people  and bullshit

Did we mention she loves coffee?

Matt Wilson,  Chief of MSD

Matt Wilson is one white motherfucker. He likes beer, cars and women with  big tits. He's in charge of our Motersports division and know more about cars, trucks, motorcycles, and potato guns, than anything else. If you have a question about your ride, email NGTANKER19@yahoo.com

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