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Base Jumping with Luke Hively

Today entmag.net explores the world of B.A.S.E. Jumping, with Professional Base Jumper Luke Hively& Dallas BASE Crew. BASE jumping is an activity where you jump from fixed objects and use a parachute to break their fall. "BASE" is an acronym that stands for four ...

The Aventador was designed to replace the ten-year-old Murciélago as the new flagship model in the Lamborghini lineup starting in 2011. Soon after the Aventador unveiling,

Nick Apex

James Rispoli

Nick Apex

It comes in a couple of flavors, inspiration, and holly shit I didn't crash, can I replicate that?  I think my best riding and innovation....

I love the lifestyle. While the training can sometimes drag on you, I have a great trainer that keeps me motivated. I love the people, the travel, going to different tracks here in the USA and in Europe...

Fall Brawl 13

Kristen Ashley and Ducati

Forbes Rant List Who you are today is not the person that you've strived to be yesterday.
Take this time to mold a better and more developed you. Ensure that everyday is an entertaining journey, just in reach of completeness. One such as yourself,here in this world and on a day like today has much to offer. So Offer it, and know that.... Click here to read more



Growing up, what I viewed as boring or a waste of my time was sure to evolve into the brightest idea I’d ever had. Read More


Harley Davidson Greensboro, Cheerwine, and Q104.1 Presented “Fall Brawl 13”, which featured amazing bikes from all over the state of North Caroline.  It was a great event with everything from, live music by (Too Far Gone, Passin' Thru), bike give aways...

Danny Benedetto

How much do you practice each day? Did you know, in order to master anything, you must practice at least 10,000 hours? Do you think you’re there yet?

Goku Vs Superman

Two alien saviors battle to the death

Who do you think wins the fight?

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