The Cover




The Happiest Girl in the World:

Sunamys Villalba

(Pronounced [Tsunami Vill all bah])


From her Facebook Page: I refuse to be another Numb Human in this World.
I am not a part of your Society.
I am not a part of your Pattern.
Understanding too much is often misunderstood as Insanity, and I refuse to be a part of clustered minds.
You mean nothing to me, until I see Valid Points.

Photographer: Nabil Moo

As I should mean nothing to you, until I Prove myself.
I do not belong to anyone, nor does Society own me.
Real Intelligence, you cant buy.
Your mind reminds me of exhibit A through exhibit Z, you think like everyone else, cut the box and burn it.
Learn how they are trying to control you, with money, with Lust, Promises of nothing.
Read the Truth, the History. Educate yourself.
Because its about time you wake the fuck up.


These don’t sound like the rants of a happy girl but if you ask this 5’4” Irish/Spanish/Cuban model what her dreams are, she’ll tell you she’s living them.

Photographer: Joshua Weaver “I am meeting my goals every day by simply getting up and staying productive and staying active. I want to be a role model for all those short models that get turned down over and over again. Height should not determine the level of your skills or passion for what you love doing. I love what I do, my modeling career and my jewelry line keep me focused every day. Loving what I do, is accomplishing my goals. Set a good example for those that admire you, or get inspired by you. Love what you do! Or do not do it at all.”
Photographer: Joshua Weaver

What more is there to know? She’s happy, feels enlightened, and she’s very photogenic. She doesn’t like the classic cover girl look but is usually found in a more natural setting . . . that is unless the setting is supernatural. Her portfolio screams sex and fine art at the same time. Who wouldn’t want to look at something like that? Her eyes are always remarked on because they are remarkable. She claims to stare at people, to make them feel uncomfortable, for shits and giggles.

Photographer: Olga Miljko

ENTMAG: What special skills do you have that no one knows about?

SUNAMYS: I can tie a cherry knot with my tongue, and pretty much hold my breath underwater forever, I challenge you all!


ENTMAG: Do you have any girl crushes you'd like to share?


SUNAMYS: Rooney Mara and I are dating. Ask her!


ENTMAG: What is your biggest guilty pleasure?


SUNAMYS: Chocolate milk and drowning myself in Scientology books, all day.


ENTMAG: Have you ever been in love?

SUNAMYS: Love for me has a variety of meanings. I love my job, that is enough to make me happy.


ENTMAG: What is your dream job?


SUNAMYS: My dream job is to be the biggest thug in Miami. Haha! I am living my dream job!


ENTMAG: Do you workout to stay in shape or does it come natural?


SUNAMYS: I have been into sports since I was a young gal, comes naturally. Its my high. I am still such a tomboy at heart.


ENTMAG: What does your name mean?


SUNAMYS: I'm guessing tidal wave haha



Photographer: Truffle Luxe

She does what she loves, has a movie star girlfriend (this couldn’t be verified), and can’t be drowned. She’s always in charge, she is very successful at her job, even though many would tell her she’s far too short for the occupation, and her name sounds like an Asian hurricane. If she does have a sad thought she banishes her gloom with chocolate milk. Ladies and gentlemen we have a winner! The Happiest Girl in the world. Sunamys Villalba.