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Alejandra G.

Djordje Bukvic

   I design shoes because I love designing. It's a release of creativity that I can't explain. I'm in a different world when I'm designing.

Louis Vuitton is thrilled to welcome Nicolas Ghesquière as artistic director of the women’s collections.


Dope. Means exotic, different, unique, something or someone who is beyond the normal coolness. When I say the word “dope”

   It makes some of my photos more vintage. I do not like too much editing of a model. It is like I am saying: I do not like you, you have to change...

Dhrumil Desai

Dynamite Editorials partnered with clothing boutique, Phyllisophical, located in Old Town Tustin, CA to create a Fall editorial spread using this unique store’s hand curated designer wardrobe selection.

Modern Fashion

Sony and Klipsch then more modern and hip brands Beats By Dre and Sole Republic Blu Wire beats by dra skull candy head phones

In a todays world fashion is everywhere, it is invading our wardrobes, our homes decor, affecting our choice of cars, the way we cut our hair


Getting Funky Fresh With Only $140

Lakea Shepard

The number one mistake we as men make when trying to grab an outfit for the club is called the “manikin rack and stack” this is where you get caught up aka hustled trying to look as “FRESH” as possible.

Debuting EntMag’s entry into the art mainstream atmosphere happens to be a boisterous and talented young woman by the name of Lakea Shepard. Ms. Shepard’s experience and skills

Kyndra Turner

A girls most prized attribute is her hair---and there’s one woman who knows how to present that award.

The Move to Orange County

FINALLY moving out to Orange County California next month!.... See Kelly Eden Interview Click here

Rico Zombie

Equalnox Clothing

Growing up, what I viewed as boring or a waste of my time was sure to evolve into the brightest idea I’d ever had.

I used to watch old black and white movies and TV shows with my mom such as Andy Griffith... Read More

A$AP Rocky Interview - It's not a Dress


Blogger - @sanmusone

  Peter Som is an American fashion designer. He describes his aesthetic as one of “effortless elegance and refined sexiness”, and aspires to provide a fresh perspective to modern American fashion. Read more.


Erdem Moralıoğlu more commonly known as Erdem was born 1977 in Montreal, Canada and is a Canadian-born British-Turkish fashion designer. He grew up between Montreal and Birmingham, England. Currently he is living and operating a studio in Bethnal Green, east London. He has a twin sister Sara, who is making TV documentaries about geography and natural history... Read More.

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