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Alex Minsky

10 Things You Need to be a Model

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10 Reasons People Don't Make it in the Entertainment World

Before you try to jump in front of a Canon 5D, look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself are you happy with what you see?

 I joined the Military because I had a desire to be part of something bigger than myself.  I learned how to set a good example and what leadership really means.

Lakea Shepard

Mitchell Gossett

Debuting EntMag’s entry into the art mainstream atmosphere happens to be a boisterous and talented young woman by the name of Lakea Shepard.

Mitchell Gossett interview with entmag.net

I discovered many big names, before they were names, and did the work to make them big names.  Miley Cyrus, Taylor Lautner, Jennifer Lawrence, Demi Lavato, Seann William Scott, Hayden Panittiere; to name only a very few.

5 things me think about

Sex sex sex .  .  . thats all we think about right? Guys? That's all we think about? Not true. There are several times a day when I don't think about sex. I do think about sex often

Manning Up

The Jeremy B Manning Story

Happy Living

I've been an athlete my entire life; football, baseball, soccer...you name it, I've played it or tried to. As I got older, lost my father and experienced domestic abuse

Looking back at my year I find amusing how I wake up with the smile every day and dream even more than before. One hell of a year!

More Models

7 Habits for Success

Stop The Hate

Gossip, Talking Shit, Spreading Rumors, it’s all hate. And in the words of LMFAO “Hatin’ is bad”. Hate is a form of anger, which has been clinically proven to shorten your life...

Become Independent - Children are dependent and affect little. In order to grow out of independence you need the power to make choices on your own, instead of depending on others to make decisions.

God Dont let him Come Back

Dhrumil Desai

He wasn’t the first man to hit her, but he’d definitely be the last. She tried to control her breathing, which was something between hyperventilating and maintaining her cool, so that she didn’t break

Dynamite Editorials partnered with clothing boutique, Phyllisophical, located in Old Town Tustin, CA to create a Fall editorial spread using this unique store’s hand curated designer wardrobe selection.

Danielle Vines  V-Day


 When I want love, my standards are higher. I want love every day. Which I now have, it's not just a one-day thing... Read more

Also check out Carolina Collado V-Day

“Outdoor festivals can be a dream or a nightmare for a DJ, so I, like most DJ's, am a little skeptical when taking a booking for an outdoor festival, unless


What is the connection?

Here we have two great movies and a prescription drug for kids with ADHD.

5 things men think about other than SEX

 Cannot carry on state property [this includes schools, courts, etc.] (3) Cannot carry into any establishment that has a "no weapons... Read More

Curtis Lovell

Before you say you know a man that that doesn't think on self-improvement, let me tell you, he does.

I have been buried alive twice, a stunt that my childhood hero Houdini performed only once then claimed it was too dangerous to repeat.  I was chained and dropped by helicopter into

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