The Cover





ENTMAG: In a short paragraph tell us how the shoot went. Who came up with the ideas? Did everything go to plan?


Sheera: The shoot went great! It was my vision and we all worked together to bring it to life. Everything went according to plan.


ENTMAG: What do you do? What do you go by?


Sheera: I work in insurance full time and model part time for now. I go by Sheera.


ENTMAG: Where are you from


Sheera: I'm from Atlanta, GA but currently reside in Tampa, Fl and hopefully will end up in Cali eventually.


ENTMAG: How did the you get into what you do?


Sheera: I got into what I do by networking with a lot of friends in the industry.


ENTMAG: who are you voting for?


Sheera: Voting for anyone that's not Trump lol no offense.

ENTMAG: Whats been the biggest set back in your career?


Sheera: My biggest set back has limited availability to travel so I miss some opportunities.


ENTMAG: how do you over come hard ship?


Sheera: I overcome hardship with prayer.


ENTMAG: Whats some of your greatest accomplishments?


Sheera: Some of my greatest accomplishments have been graduating college and getting my bachelors as well as building a really strong support system (my spouse, close friends, and immediate family).



ENTMAG: tell us something you've never told anyone before.


Sheera: I don't keep secrets from my spouse so this is impossible lol but I used to be really self conscious about my lips when I was young since I'd get made fun of at that time.


ENTMAG: Whats on your bucket list?


Sheera: I want to travel to as many different places as I can that I think are beautiful. I just got back from Japan which was a dream vacation and I'll be going back soon but I also want to visit some other places as well.