Roarie Yum

Photographer: Billy Prime /

Photographer: Billy Prime /

ENTMAG: What was the concept of this shoot?


Roarie: The concept was a mixture of some idea I had, the photographer's interpretation of my idea, and his added input. I don't often wear white so I thought it'd make a nice picture series but also wanted to add some color to it. That's where Billy came in. His idea of using gels was something that helped pulled everything together.



ENTMAG: Who was the Photographer?


Roarie: The wonderful Billy Prime and our first time working together too!


ENTMAG: What name do you go by?


Roarie: Roarie or Rawr if I like you.


ENTMAG: Who’s the best photographer you’ve ever worked with?


Roarie: The one I have yet to work with. Though I do happen to really hit it off well with some and I feel we make the best work. Those shoots remind me why I do this.


ENTMAG: Why do you model?


Roarie: Aside from the creative release, my mother sort of inspired me to do so. She never did the things she wanted to as a young woman, life got to her first. I don't want to be filled with regret and I want to see the world. Modeling has made this happen for me.

ENTMAG: Who is the most influential model in history?


Roarie: Twiggy and Kate Moss. They sort of turned the modeling world on it's head and became house hold names. I prefer Saskia de Brauw who proves to me that women with short hair can make it in this industry.


ENTMAG: In your own words what is a model?


Roarie: Someone who is interesting looking or can make themselves appear to be. The rest is working with the right photographers who know how to create an image or coax a pose out of you. To borrow a term from another model, Anastasia Arteyeva, 'photo actress' is something I more closely relate to. It's akin to becoming a character.


ENTMAG: What’s your favorite kind of makeup?


Roarie: Avant garde but those shoots take loads of time and are few and far between.


ENTMAG: How long have you been modeling?


Roarie: Roughly 3 years.


ENTMAG: What’s the best thing about being a model?


Roarie: Creating what I see in my mind, meeting people, traveling. I really enjoy what I do.


ENTMAG: When do you feel sexiest?


Roarie: Not in lingerie that's for sure. I'm more of a comfy type of girl, lounging around in panties and a t shirt.

ENTMAG: How do you stay in shape?


Roarie: Modeling is a pretty intensive workout on it's own.  I walk a lot and take stairs instead of elevators.


ENTMAG: What do you do other than modeling?


Roarie: For now, nothing. My life sort of revolves around my art.


ENTMAG: What’s your sign?


Roarie: Cancer but I don't celebrate birthdays.


ENTMAG: Why don't you celebrate birthdays?


Roarie: I celebrate accomplishments instead of birthdays. Those are more important to me.

ENTMAG: What grinds your gears?


Roarie: This exact phrase and lack of common sense.


ENTMAG: If you can move anywhere in the world where would you go?


Roarie: I have yet to find that place. Perhaps sometime I will in my world travels.


ENTMAG: What’s one thing you would change about the world, if you could?


Roarie: I wish people had more compassion. It goes a long way.


ENTMAG: What’s your biggest fear?


Roarie: To have a regret. I hope that as choices come up I have the balls to just go for it. You have one life, why not go for it?


ENTMAG: Where are you from?


Roarie: Florida, a really small minded town that's pretty back woods.


ENTMAG: What is something you hate that photographers do?


Roarie: Overly directional. I work best when I've been given a general direction and am let loose.

ENTMAG: If you were going to be in a movie, what kind of movie would you want be in?


Roarie: Something along the lines of Planet Terror. A combination of gore and cheesy lines.


ENTMAG: What’s your favorite kind of mixed drink?


Roarie: Whiskey, no mix.


ENTMAG: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?


Roarie: Traveling as a model seems pretty out there to most. Aside from trespassing and being nude publicly, I lead a rather quiet life.