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ENT: “In a few short words what is RedCowHills?”


Stefanie Sacks: “RedCowHills is short for REDnecks, COWboys, & HILLbilles. We are a unique website that is leagues away from any of it's "contemporaries". We give you a look into the world of southern, country, & western lifestyle from a different perspective being that, we don't just limit ourselves to that content. We also share the latest entertainment; gossip and videos that we feel would be interesting to all. This is why we also bring our fans late breaking news, trending virals, live show clips, interviews, and more from all genre's of entertainment!”


PANTyRAiD is the product of two music producers that met on the West Coast of the United States


ENT: “How did RedCowHills get founded?”


Stefanie Sacks: “RedCowHills was started because we wanted to bring something new to the table. Something that hadn't been done in the Country world before. Something ground breaking that we could also make a brand of that would bridge the different genres; Country, Blue Grass, Folk, Nascar fans, Truckers, Fisherman, Hunters etc. And so RedCowHills was born as a place to view all that in one place.”



ENT: “How was the logo created?”


Stefanie Sacks: “We spent days trying to think about what would best represent the site and our new brand. And came up with the answer what's more iconic than a cow? After all, if it hadn't been for the cattle, those good ole boys back in the day wouldn't have had much to wrangle, and we didn't just want some letters thrown up. So eventually we thought some more and realized the cow would be perfect. Of course that set off a fun debate over what kind of cow it should be and how it should look.”

ENT: “What do you think RedCowHills brings to the Country world?”


Stefanie Sacks: “We bring change. As we keep growing we've found out that some people are pretty hesitant when it comes to change to this degree while others are embracing it whole-heartedly. We want to help the unsigned artists, the

I'm inspired by a lot of things. Mainly inspired by the critics.

people with raw talent who could benefit from just a little attention as well as the people who have already managed to break through the barriers. Plus, by diversifying our content with news and virals, we make sure that there is something on the site for everybody to look at and have found that people who are looking at the virals or news are actually sticking around to check out some of the artists we feature, so perhaps we are helping to expose these talented people to new fans.”


ENT: “How did you guys corner the southern, country & western world with your brand?”


Stefanie Sacks: “We have such a diverse and far reaching brand, we literally have something on the site for just about everyone. It's a hub that reaches out and connects all of what people think of as southern, country & Western and brings it all together. We also have begun to book our brand for official RedCowHills parties where we team up with a celebrity or country music group and we send our hosts & RCH Dime Girls out for a night of line dancing, merchandise giveaways and more to bring awareness to the brand and website.”

Stefanie Sacks, Marketing & Publicity

Niki Tilley, personality

Brittany Johnson, event host, RCH Dime

I couldn't seem to find my niche in life until I enrolled in an electronic music production course


Steven “Cracker” Lenz, personality, event host

Brandi Snyder, event host, RCH Dime

ENT: “Do you think RedCowHills could one day replace CMT?”


Stefanie Sacks: We don't want to replace anyone. That's not on our agenda. We would love to work alongside of CMT and GAC, Opry and others in the future. We are so different in our approach we don't view them as competition. Giants like CMT, the Opry, etc, are Country music and one day we hope that when some one says RedCowHills they will automatically link our name alongside theirs.”



ENT: “In the past few years different genres of music have been changing like Hip Hop and electric music; what big changes do you feel country music has been experiencing?”


Stefanie Sacks: “Country music has been evolving just as much as the other music genres, but the one thing we love about it is that at the end of the day, the core remains the same. You can still listen to something that was made twenty or more years ago and appreciate it as much as you can to something released recently. Country music doesn't change. It evolves. It grows, but never looses its essence. The introduction of Hick Hop to country music was also needed. Its country living being expressed through rap and we feel it’s very much as important to country music as Elvis in regards to him incorporating other genres in to country music. We feel artists like Tim McGraw, Jason Aldean, & Florida Georgia Line deserve some big credit for helping pave the way for adding hick hop as part of the country music market.”



ENT: “Who do you guys believe is the biggest mover and shaker in the Country music community?”


Stefanie Sacks: “Oh. Those are some fighting words in our family here at RedCowHills. We all have our favorites and won't name any unless you want the RCH office to turn into the UFC, or with this group the WWE, we have to plead the fifth.”


ENT: “Who are some up coming artist?”


Stefanie Sacks: “There are a lot of great up and coming artist who we feature on the site. You should definitely check them out there. Everyday new videos get loaded, to name a few: Outshyne, Benton Blount, Parmalee, Drake Whiteman, the list can go on.”



ENT: “What major shortcomings has RedCowHills experienced, and over come in order to be where it is today?”


Stefanie Sacks: “At first artist, managers, and labels were apprehensive as to what the site was but after seeing the fan responses to the content have now welcomed the site with open arms and we now we work hand in hand with various artists and labels on marketing campaigns and promotions for their upcoming releases and this is a trend that will continue to teach the industry to understand the importance of RedCowHills. On a technical side just having enough bandwidth to keep up with all the traffic which is a good problem to have.”


ENT: “Since RedCowHills hit over 50 million visits, are you guys looking at any big sponsors or looking to sponsor any artist?”


Stefanie Sacks: “We are actually in talks with a few interested National & regional sponsors looking to team with the Brand & Site. Can’t really give details until they are finalized but you will definitely hear about it soon.”


ENT: “Where do you guys see RedCowHills in the next 10 years?”


Stefanie Sacks: “In the next ten years? That's pretty far away. Right now we are just focused on building what will hopefully become a household name and premiere website for Country and Western lifestyle with music at the epicenter, but there are a lot yesterdays, todays, and tomorrows to make it through first.”


Check out redcowhills.com

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