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ENT: “How did you get into modeling?”


Niki Tilley: “When I was little, I was in pageants, and was a junior TopCat cheerleader with the Carolina Panthers Football team. Going through school I focused more on that, but the past two years my career has really sky rocketed and I have now been in several music videos!”

ENT: “Tell us 5 random facts about your self.”


Niki Tilley: “1. I do not eat chicken! 2. I love to fish, but I am scared to touch the fish! 3. My first deer I killed was a 6pt buck! 4. It takes an hour to straighten my hair. 5. I do not like going to the movie theatre.”


ENT: “What type of competition dancing do you do?”


Niki Tilley: “I was on a competition dance team for 10 years. I done lyrical, hip-hop, Jazz, Ballet, tap, and gymnastics!”


ENT: “How did you get into horseback riding?”


Niki Tilley: “My mother had me a birthday party at age 7 where our friends brought over some horses for my friends and I to ride. After my party for weeks

Niki Tilley


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 my mom says I never stopped talking about horses. I then was surprised with a black pony, and almost each year after I got another new horse!”


ENT: “What was your favorite music video to be in?”


Niki Tilley: “What was my favorite music video to be in? It is really hard to pick between Brantley Gilbert, and the Lacs. But I would have to say the Lacs Field Party video was my favorite! It was like everybody was family hanging out in a field with all our trucks, playing games like horseshoe, corn hole, and sitting by the huge bonfire!”

ENT: “How was it on the set of the Chris Lane Band?”


Niki Tilley: “My friend and I was going to the bar one night to watch the Chris Lane Band play. We had no clue he was filming a video, but then after he played he walked up to us and had his camera man filming as he was talking to us and once I seen the camera I just went with the flow and acted normal!”


ENT: “What’s life like being a model from NC?”


Niki Tilley: “What is life like being a model from NC? Being a model from NC I tend to have to travel a lot. I meet all kinds of people and I always get compliments on how southern my accent is. Even meeting other southerners I still get can't never go an hour without having a conversation

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 about my accent. People always keep asking "So where did you say you was from?"


ENT: “Are you a sweet country girl, tom boy, or a model diva?”


Niki Tilley: “I would have to say I am a mixture between a sweet country girl and a tom boy. I would rather hang out with a group of boys mud riding than hanging out with girls going to the mall. I have a great personality and I am able to make friends with anyone. I am really sweet always trying to help everyone.”


ENT: “What do you do when the power goes out?”


Niki Tilly: “When the power goes out I automatically reach for my phone and turn my flashlight on. Then I will go find a lighter and light all the candles in every room, then I will call the power company and pray that it comes on ASAP!”

ENT: “What’s the next move for Niki Tilley?”


Niki Tilley: “As of right now I am working really hard to get on more popular clothing lines, and be in lots of magazines. Music Videos are my favorite so I am continuing to do those, but I would like to get my face posted on some stuff. I do not want to be famous, just well known as a real true country girl that can clean up and look pretty! I am very family oriented and my grandma has stage four breast cancer so I hope to spread the word for that as well.”


ENT: “What is Barrel Racing?”


Niki Tilly: “Barrel racing is a timed rodeo event. You have three barrels in the shape of a triangle and you must go around all three in a cloverleaf pattern as fast as you can and the fastest

time wins. If you knock over a barrel or go outside of the timers then you are disqualified.”


ENT: “How did you get into ATV Riding and Four-wheelers? Can you do any cool tricks?”


Niki Tilley: “Before I was born my family was more into riding dirtbikes, but i was started on riding four wheelers and I tend to like four wheelers better. It is just a family tradition and something we have always done. Living on a farm we have lots of acres to just jump on the four-wheeler and take off. Sometimes we even need it to round up our cows.”

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