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Nia Moore

Nia Moore “How to Play the Game” Dj Jam-X

Our good friend/DJ/Photographer Jam X got a chance for a great shoot and short interview with reality TV star/author/rational person Nia Moore, and found out some things she learned, what type of drink to buy her in case you see her in a bar, and when she feels sexy.


ENT: “What’s the biggest thing you learned while writing your book, “How to Play the Game”.”


Nia M: “That is a very good question. I learned a bunch of universal truths about men, women, dating and human nature, things that pertain to everyone, not just athletes and the women dating them. Like, the fact that you really cannot force a man to change. It is inevitably going to happen on his own time. How sexy, domesticated, entertaining or deserving we are is

 somewhat irrelevant. Yes, we can motivate or inspire a man to be faithful, but ultimately he becomes that by choice. Men, who inherently crave sexual variety, are faithful only when they develop a desire to practice self-discipline. In most of their minds, being faithful is a sacrifice made to the woman. When you are dealing with wealthy, popular, highly-sought after men of athletic superiority, it is that much more of a challenge for them to desire that discipline, because of all of the elements that come with being a king amongst society. They weren't born self-entitled, rich, promiscuous or famous, the world around them made them that way.”

Nia Moore “How to Play the Game”.
Dj Jam-X

ENT: “What do you think are your strongest personal strengths?”


Nia M: “I would have to say my speaking and writing ability. I love coaching, lecturing, debating, and telling stories. It is my deepest passion. My mother and my teachers and coaches growing up used to always tell me that I spoke with such conviction, and that I must always remember to use my gift for good and not evil. That somewhat has to do with my desire to be a spokeswoman or a motivational speaker for my generation (especially the black youth) because I know I have a voice that people listen to.”


ENT: “What’s your favorite sport? Did you grow up playing any sports?”


Nia M: “Basketball is my favorite sport hands down.

 If I were allowed to only watching one network for the rest of my life it would be NBA TV. However, I played volleyball my whole life. That is how I got to Howard University. I was fortunate enough to receive a full-ride athletic scholarship to join their women's volleyball team.”


ENT: “Do you like white guys, black guys or does it even matter?”


Nia M. “I get this question a lot, which I find strange. I like MEN, period. Skin pigmentation or nationality has no influence on who I am attracted to, or choose to date. My dating resume has included Africans, West Indians, Italians, Croatian, White, and Black American men. I will say that if I had a "type" it would be athletes. I am one myself and I love sports, so it's only natural.”

ENT: “What other shows have you been in other than The Real World, Portland?”


Nia M. “I was on one other show called "The Choice." It was on FOX in 2012, and it was basically a fun sort of spinoff of "The Voice" but instead of singing it was a celebrity dating game where me and 20 something other contestants competed to win a date with one of the celebrity bachelors. It was totally not my style, super corny, but I did it solely to get comfortable in front of cameras and speaking in front of large audiences. I basically did it as a way to warm myself up if I was selected to be on Real World, which ended up happening two months later.”


ENT: “What’s your drink, and how would a guy buy you one without getting shot down?”

Nia Moore “How to Play the Game”.
Dj Jam-X

Nia M. “I'm a fan of a lot of things. I love red wine at dinnertime, merlot and cabernet especially, but if it's out at a club or bar or sporting event it's usually tequila on the rocks with two limes. Avion, Don Julio, Patron are my faves. If a guy wanted to buy me and drink without getting shot down, he would simply by the drink and properly introduce himself. The only thing I hate is when a guy buys you a drink, then insists on getting your number or feeling up on you five seconds later. It'll take a lot more than a few alcoholic beverages to get me to sleep with a man, that's for damn sure haha.”


ENT: “What are some destinations around the world, that you wouldn’t mind partying at?”


Nia M. “Ibiza, Spain is one of the party capitals of the world. I would also love to go to Mykonos, Greece as well. I heard nightlife is a real treat there.”

Nia Moore “How to Play the Game”.
Dj Jam-X

ENT: “What kind of music does Nia Moore listen to? Are you a Waka Floka kind of girl? A Jay Z and Kanye kind of girl? or do you have a hidden love for country music?”


Nia M. “I know that everyone believes this of themselves, but I have the best taste in music of anyone that I've ever met. I listen to every genre of music, but I have an ear for unique sound. I am very much into jazz, blues and neo-soul. I love Coltrane, Erykah Badu, Sade, Kenny G and Lauryn Hill. I am also a huge alternative/rock fan. I have every album by The Fray, One Republic, Stereophonics, KOL, Citizen Cope, Goo Goo Dolls, Edwin McCain, Dido, Jack Johnson, Michael Buble, Lifehouse etc. I could go on for days with good rock because that is my favorite genre

 growing up. But don't be fooled, I love REAL hip hop. I listen to Pac, Nas, J Cole, Rakim, Joey Badass, Biggie and Jay Z mostly. All in all, I just like music that moves my soul by the words, the message, and the rhythm and instrumental complexities.”


ENT: “When do you feel sexiest?”


Nia M. “I feel the sexiest when in the morning to be honest haha. No make-up, nude, the unfiltered and most honest version of me. I also like how flat my stomach looks in the morning when I first wake up. But even though I'm a sporty tomboy I still enjoy putting on makeup and heels and wearing my hair down.”


ENT: “Tell us something you never told anyone before.”


Nia M. “I really want to be an icon, but not for anything like being a movie star or entertainer. I want to be an icon for my ideas, ideology, faith, and my ability to empower humanity and shape our world for the better. That is my deepest dream for my life here on earth.”


ENT: “Do you have any girl Crushes?”


Nia M. “I'm heterosexual, but I have a healthy obsession with admiring beautiful women. Jurnee Smollett is so naturally stunning to me. Adriana Lima is a cold second-runner up. Adele is so gorgeous to me as well. Sade is a timeless beauty.”