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Let's talk about who had the best album of the year.


Interview by Jonathan Wallace

ENT: “When did you start spinning?”


Moodswing: “I actually started learning how to DJ around 2000-2001. Learning from my mentor JusDale and would DJ at the house with his friends on a daily basis. I didn't start taking it seriously until about 08' when I got to open up for DJ ICEY in Greensboro. I got offered that position just because the promoter heard how passionate I was for the music, and the scene over Facebook, that was a blessing.”


ENT: “Whose music made you want to be a DJ, and why?”


Moodswing: “Well Hands Down. Dieselboy was the one who caused me to want to pound people in the face with heavy, heart stopping Drum&Bass. But recently Excision, Liquid Stranger, and Figure have influenced me. Dubstep and Drumstep just have these dirty, filthy basslines that other genres can’t compare with. I say “The Heavier the Better.”


ENT: “Tell me about the best time you ever had as a DJ.”


Moodswing:  “The BEST Time I've had DJing was pretty recently, when I got put on an event with Dieselboy. Working so hard in the EDM scene, and then finally getting put on an event with my Favorite DJ was the highlight of my career so far. I couldn't keep that smile off my face. He is the whole reason I got into the scene, so actually having the chance to open for him was Phucken Amazing!!!”


ENT: “How did Carolina Committee get started?”


Moodswing: “It all got started back in the Early 2000's. It was me (Moodswing), John White (Nemesis), and Sene Apulu (Definite Threat) in a group of good friends who were all passionate about music. I was big in the EDM scene and John and Sene had more of a Hip-Hop background. But we all wanted to move forward and bring good music to the people of N. Carolina. Since then, the EDM scene has started becoming mainstream, due to producers in the industry now starting to win awards and Grammys and it just so happened it was during the reign of the Carolina Committee. Since then I've started recruiting other DJs, producers, performers, and artists in hope of creating a Large EDM Crew in North Carolina. I figured there are a lot of sharks in the ocean of music and if there is a large school of little fish...even they can scare away the largest of sharks in the ocean.”


K.D. Aubert

K.D. Aubert

Didi Tokaoui


Alex Minsky

Alex Minsky
Chris Lane Band  interview let's ride

J.K. The Rapper


Kim O'Connor


ENT: “What exactly does the Carolina Committee do?”


Moodswing: “We are here to be Educators of EDM and show Fayetteville and surrounding areas that there is a lot more to our style of music than it just being "Techno or Dubstep." People don't understand that their are several genres of EDM ranging from Electro, Dubstep, Drum&Bass, Trance, Hardstyle, and tons more. EDM is like saying MUSIC. Well what kind of music? It's like how some people like Hard Rock as apposed of Death Metal. Yeah it's ROCK I guess, but there’s a big difference. So our J.O.B. as Carolina Committee is to educate these people about the many different genres. They Gunna Learn Today!!!”


ENT: “What were your first shows like?”


Moodswing: “Well our first show we did, was with SLIPKNOT's DJ Sid Wilson (DJ STARSCREAM) and it went pretty well, but for the most part people didn't know too much about him as an EDM DJ, they just knew him from the group Slipknot. So I decided to take a different approach and started using nothing but local DJs from around the Carolinas and beyond. I would attend shows and see how amazing some of the locals were before the actual headliner came on. Some of them were actually better then the guys they were opening for! I figured I would try using some amazing locals that I've been blessed enough to have the opportunity to spin with.”


ENT: “What’s the next event Carolina Committee are working on?”


Moodswing: “I've been working hard on the BASSBOOM event I've created and we’re getting ready for the 1 Year Anniversary Party in May. I've been working with Valiant Moves founded by Paco Gonzales to create this NEW event in Hope Mills called BASS TITANS and we are bringin' on one of the original Planet of the Drums DJ AK1200 from Orlando, FL the Longest Running Drum&Bass DJ in America.”


Mitchell Gossett


ENT: “What are some up and coming DJ’s we need to look out for?”


Moodswing: “Well I have 11 DJs in my arsenal but some to look out for are JusDale who does Drum&Bass. He was the one who took me under his wings and showed me everything I needed to know to get started in the DJing world. Rio Beats picked up and learned about Dubstep overseas before it was even thought about here in the states and he’s been blessing the world with this new genre called TRAP. One of my Newest DJs, Zehlot, is by far one of the Grimiest ElectroHouse DJs I have on my squad. These are some people in the Carolina Committee people you should look out for.”


ENT: “How did you find the CAROLINA COMMITTEE AROLINA COMMITTEE Ladies of Bass?”


Moodswing: “Well the Ladies of Bass is something that I created for the Fans. I remember attending shows back in the day and catching myself in a daydream, staring at these amazing dancers on stage and I figure if these ladies could have me in a trance while listening to some amazing DJs, I wanted to do the same. So I decided to build a group of ladies that range from amazing dancers, poi spinners, fire spinners, and hoopers. Rght now I have 5 amazing and beautiful ladies that support and dance the night away at Carolina Committee events. And they are not to be slept on...”


ENT: “Does CAROLINA COMMITTEE have a “moto”?


Moodswing: “Sleep is for the WEAK!! We are all definitely about "Doing Work" if you gunna do something make sure you gunna do something 120%, sometimes when doing that it seems like their is no time for sleep.”


ENT: “There’s tons of DJ’s and they’re all different. What makes DJ Moodswing different from all the other DJ’s out there?”


Moodswing: “None of the other DJ’s have my style. I deliver the heaviest, hardest, darkest, and filthiest forms of Dubstep|Drumstep|Drum&Bass|Trap. You know some people enjoy super heroes...I love villains. Some people enjoy days...I love nights. You enjoy dreams...I love nightmares. That all comes out when I’m DJing. I guess I’ve always been on the darkside of the EDM world, and my style reflects that. Team FILTH!! RawR!!”

Photo from AK1200 show at Club Hellas

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