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ENTMAG: What is your reason / motivation for becoming a model?


Lisa Song: I became a model mostly by chance. I was scouted when I was 19, in college, by a major agency, and had the opportunity to get signed. After graduating and moving to Florida, I became further exposed to the modeling industry there, and I fell in love with the beauty and creativity of being a model. I have been tremendously blessed with wonderful opportunities ever since. It was also (and continues to be) fantastic side income as I was always either in school, or (now) working full-time, in addition to working on my modeling career. I think modeling helps young woman to grow and learn more about themselves.


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ENTMAG: What is your style like when you’re just chilling around the house?  Do you dress up, even though you’re not going anywhere, or do you put on some basketball shorts and your boyfriends big white tee?


Lisa Song: My style around the comfort of my own home is a fuzzy Hello Kitty bathrobe and poofy slippers. Basketball shorts aren’t really an option considering that I am attracted to baseball players (laughs), but if I leave the house, even if it’s to check the mail, I generally always wear high heels.


ENTMAG: There are so many models in the world. How do you plan on setting yourself apart from them?


Lisa Song: I have tried to set myself apart from other models by truly treating modeling as a profession and job. There are certain models out there who don’t take the profession seriously. This industry is very small. I am a professional model and act like one. I am reliable and communicative. I show up to shoots and gigs on time and camera ready. Through these actions, I have received positive feedback from my agents, agencies, photographers and other professionals in the modeling industry who have been kind enough to help me continue to grow, advance and learn.

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ENTMAG: What is your ethnic background? Do you feel it helps or hurts your modeling career?


Lisa Song: I am considered an “ASIAN MODEL” by my agency (laughs), which is perfect considering that I am Korean and British. Being Asian has absolutely helped my modeling career! When I was still living in Miami full-time, I was one of just a handful of Asian models there and my ethnicity helped me stand out to directors and book shoots. I am very proud of my ethnicity and am proud to part of the Asian/Asian-American community. I love being able to represent my heritage in mainstream modeling.


ENTMAG: Do you spend more money on clothing or food?


Lisa Song: That’s difficult to choose! I am a purveyor of both fine clothing and fine food (laughs). I definitely don’t mind spending money on quality and, especially as a model, when sometimes “cheat” meals are the only way to keep your sanity, delicious food is a special treat.


ENTMAG: True or False? All is fair in love and war? Why?


LisaSong: I think that statement is true. Generally most “rules” and ideas of what’s fair go out the window when it comes to love and war. Anything can be fair game, and if you aren’t ready to deal with that, then don’t participate.

ENTMAG: Are you attracted to dangerous situations?


Lisa Song: Definitely not. Especially given my career in the legal profession. I would say I am fairly risk adverse. I don’t like surprises, and I like to have everything prepared in advance. Dangerous situations, especially when coupled with a high probability of liability, do not attract me whatsoever.


ENTMAG: Which is worse abuse to animals or starving children?


Lisa Song: Oh my, both are terrible. But maybe the argument can be made that animals have a tad bit more opportunity or built-in weaponry at their disposal to help themselves over children.


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NYC photographer Jason Setiawan

ENTMAG: Everyone loves CSI. What was it like on the set of such a great show?


Lisa Song: It was a blast! The episode I filmed also featured Holly Madison and rapper Method Man. It was a very long day, but so much fun! One of my favorite TV gigs for sure.


ENTMAG: When men show extra courtesy toward women by opening doors and pulling out chairs, is this admirable and desirable, unnecessary but appreciated, or sexist and insulting?


Lisa Song: I very much appreciate and am highly attracted to men with manors. I think there are certain instances in society when a lady should absolutely allow herself to be treated as such. Opening doors and being courteous is polite and expected.

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