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K.D. Aubert

   You may know K.D. Aubert from movies like “Soul Plane” and “The Scorpion King”, and music videos like Jeremih’s "Down On Me" ft. 50 Cent. K.D. Aubert’s real name is Karen Denise Aubert (thats where the K.D. comes from). She’s from Shreveport, Louisiana, but she doesn't have much of a Creole twang like most people who grew up in Louisiana. That’s because she grew up in sunny California, where she attended San Diego State University.


K.D. was discovered working behind the make-up counter at Macy's, and the rest is history. She has modeled for Victoria's Secret, Noxzema, Frederick's of Hollywood, Escada and many more. She was featured in Maxim’s “Hot 100 Women” in 2003 and 2004. The list goes on and on. Now

K.D. Aubert From Friday

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Photographer Jam-x recently shot with K.D. Here are some of the amazing shots!

ENT: “What inspired you to start acting?


KD: “When I was in High School I participated in our theater program and performed in the school plays and I loved it.  I have always been theatrical, just ask my father.  Acting wasn’t something I actively pursued through college, but whenever I saw a film, or read an article about a new TV series I found myself smiling. Something was drawing it to me, and I was being drawn to it too.”


ENT: “If you hit play on your iPod or MP3 player right now what would play?”


KD: “Kaskade, Calvin Harris, and Jinsu (unsigned rapper).  I love to dance and these artists get me up and moving!”

K.D. Aubert From Friday photos by Jam x

Photographer Jam-x

ENT: “Are you a Mac or PC?”


KD: “MAC!”


ENT: “Where is your favorite place to party?”


KD: “Ibiza, Spain at a place called the Blue Marlin”


ENT: “Red Bull or Monster?”


KD: “Well [pause] I don’t really drink either, I’m a coffee or green tea kinda gal.”

K.D. Aubert From Friday photos by jam x

ENT: “What is something you can do that no one really knows about?”


KD: “I really love traveling, and each place I visit I aim to immerse myself in the local culture, especially relating to food because I really love to cook.  I’ll try anything once! Traveling is such a learning experience for me.  I love collecting recipes from several countries and discovering new spices from different regions. I recently learned how to make Indian food and now chili pepper is my go-to spice.  Life is about exploration and I intend to keep exploring!”


ENT: “What is your favor TV series right now?”


KD: “Breaking Amish on TLC—definite guilty pleasure.”

K.D. Aubert looking super sexy - photos by Jam x

Photographer Jam-x

ENT: “What is your ultimate career goal?”


KD: “Although I don’t know exactly what the future will bring, I am always looking forward to the adventure.  Ultimately my goal is to build the KD Aubert Brand, and a big part of that is giving back to the community, specifically for the cause of Sickle-Cell Disease. This is a subject that has directly impacted my family and I want to be a part of the solution.”

K.D. Aubert Photo shooot by Jam X
K.D. Aubert From Friday - PHOTO BY JAM X ENTMAG.NET

Photographer Jam-x