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Jenni Burns

   Jenni Lynn Burns is a full time model who feels sexiest in nothing but her own skin. The blonde bombshell originally hailed from a small town in Ohio, and is now currently soaking up the sun in Los Angeles, CA. Jenni considers herself a free spirit and values her independence. Jenni has graced the pages of Playboy and believes a woman's body is meant to be shown off. Her self-respect and strength are two of her biggest assets - but gorgeous green eyes and a 5'9" 34DD build also sets her apart from the rest. Jenni is a homebody and goes out only occasionally to appreciate special moments. Her family is her support system and she considers herself lucky for the life she was given.

   Jenni Lynn Burns is a full time model who feels sexiest in nothing but her own skin. The blonde bombshell originally hailed from a small town

ENTMAG: When did you start modeling?


JENNI: I started modeling at the age of 16. I had agencies in Chicago & Cleveland. When I was old enough, I knew I had to venture out to LA. I came, never being here before, & not knowing a single person. I have been here for almost 3 years, having my agency for 2.5 of the 3. With that said, I have been very determined, since the age of 16, to make my dreams come true. Now they are.


ENTMAG: What’s your inspiration?


JENNI: I have many inspirations. Specific models, healthy body types that keep me motivated. I always think successful entrepreneurs are always inspiring, but I think the root of my

Photo by: Dominic Petruzzi

 inspirations come from my mother. Her strength and generosity towards others my entire life has made me the woman I am proud to be today, and I can't thank her enough for that. At the end of the day, regardless of work, or success, you're still you, and you need to be happy with that.


ENTMAG: What else do you love to do, other than modeling?


JENNI: Besides modeling, I love staying active and in shape. Not just to look good, ;) but to feel good! I love doing yoga, going hiking, running. I love traveling. I hope to travel more within the next few years. I love baking. I have the biggest sweet tooth!

Photo by: Dominic Petruzzi


ENTMAG: Do you always name your poses, like “crouching tiger”?


JENNI: It was the "crotching" tiger, and I didn't name it! Haha. It was all about the crotch! I worked with a really cool set of people that day. It is hard to feel like a job on a shoot when you are having so much fun! We were joking about certain (awkward) poses I was whipping out, and somehow got to naming a few. It was a first for me!


ENTMAG: What’s your favorite kind of music?


JENNI: I live for music! I love everything! Maybe not so much hardcore screamers, or rap that you can’t understand but, for the most part, music is my love. Gets me through every day!


ENTMAG: Are you the kind of person that points out fashion “NO NOs” that people do?


JENNI: I think sometimes I look at people and wonder what they were thinking getting dressed in the morning, but I would never point it out to them personally. I'm sure there are times people look at me and feel the same way! Sometimes, ya just don't give a damn!


ENTMAG: What kind of wine you most enjoy?


JENNI: Ahhh, wine. You can never go wrong with wine. I love wine. Pinot Noir is definitely my favorite but, on summer days, Chardonnay is the way to go. The best and worst decisions of my life came from wine. (laughing)

Photo by: Arlen J

ENTMAG: When you are in a photo shoot, do you feel like a rock star?


JENNI: When I am in a photo shoot, I don't notice anybody else around me. I get in a zone with the camera, and work the crap out of it until I snap back and remember life exists! I feel like a queen during shoots, and I am more confident in my own skin now than I have ever been. So, a rock star? Yeah, you can say that!


ENTMAG: When do you feel the most sexy?


JENNI: I feel the most sexy naked. A naked face, a naked body, completely raw. It took a while for me to appreciate that, but I think a woman in her complete natural beauty is the sexiest! Don't get me wrong, being done up in a sexy little number of lingerie isn't a bad choice either!

ENTMAG: Do you think you look sexier in all black, or lots of colors?


JENNI: Black is definitely the sexiest color I think a woman can be in, or red! I love red. But, I have always been told I look best in colors. Pastels. In my opinion, it depends on someone’s mood. You don't wanna be in a sultry, seductive mood, and try rocking some bright green lingerie or something. Sultry is black. 100%. That's why it's important for a girl to always own a little black dress. Or 5.


ENTMAG: You say you’re a sweet girl, but is there also have a dark side to you?


JENNI: I am a very sweet girl. I get told that a lot, actually. I don't know that I would say I have a "dark" side, but I definitely have a naughty side! I am in my mid-twenties, single, and a model in LA. Let that sink in for a minute...

Photo by: Dominic Petruzzi

ENTMAG: What does the 4th of July mean to you?


JENNI: I think people enjoy the fact that the 4th of July is a reason to celebrate but, personally, I think some forget what it really is about. I'm the type of person who likes to party occasionally, but when I woke up on the 4th, first thing I did while still lying in bed, was read articles on the people who serve for our country before partying even crossed my mind. It's a shame "Independence Day" should be thought of other than its true meaning.

Jenni Burns

Photo by: Dominic Petruzzi