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Nick Apex

E.N.T. What is your inspiration for your music?


C.Pitt I'm inspired by a lot of things. Mainly inspired by the critics. I'm motivated by the optimists, as well as the pessimists. If someone tells me something is unattainable then that makes me want to work harder at attaining it.


E.N.T. When did you start Rapping?


C.Pitt I started rapping between the ages of 16 & 17 during my junior year in high school.


E.N.T. Did where you were born effect your music?


C.Pitt I feel like my environment growing up definitely had something to do with my music. I was born in Long Island, New York but I was raised in NC...had I stayed up north I feel like it could have very well affected my sound. I was told I have an up north sound anyway, so who knows. Anything could have varied.

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Let's talk about who had the best album of the year.


Chris Lane Band  interview let's ride

J.K. The Rapper


Kim O'Connor



E.N.T. Whats the best collaboration you've done so far? Who would you like to collaborate with?


C.Pitt The dopest collaboration I've done so far, is the song I have with 9th Wonder's artist, Rapsody titled "Simple Things" which you can also find on my latest project "The Pitt Stop". I have a few other features in the works but you all will just have to keep rocking with me throughout 2013 to get a listen.


E.N.T. Where does the name C. Pitt come from?


C.Pitt The name "C.Pitt" actually comes from my real name. I remember recording in my cousin's closet for one of the first times and he asked me what my stage name was and I had no idea because I hadn't thought of one yet. I was so bent up about picking the dopest stage name that it took away from my creativity. Simplicity is my motto. I spontaneously came up with the name "C.Pitt" and it stuck with me. The “c” stands for "Chad" and the “Pitt” stands for "Pitter". Kids always called me pitt, cp, c.pitt, etc, so eventually i just accepted it and rolled with it.


E.N.T. What are you willing to do to achieve your goals?


C.Pitt  Any and everything. I'll do whatever it takes as long as I don't have to go against my morals as a human being.


E.N.T. “The Pit Stop” was amazing! Is there another album or mix tape in the works?


C.Pitt There are a few new projects in the works, but one you should be on the lookout for in called "93" which is scheduled to be released sometime around May. Thank you for this interview, and thank you for supporting my movement. I'm beyond grateful and honored for the opportunity. Much love.


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K.D. Aubert

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Alex Minsky

Alex Minsky

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