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   Alton Sterling was shot multiple times by officers in Baton Rouge Louisiana July 5, 2016.

This has to stop, this form of policing that we live under needs drastic scrutinization and change.  As of right now we don’t know what truly happened between Alton Sterling and the police officers, but what we do know is they had him pinned down and shot him in cold blood and we never saw him with a gun.  As we can see in the video this could've been handle better and much more efficiently then it was.


If shooting was necessary  (which it didn't look like it was) they could of shot a limb or shoulder.


The officer could've teased the man, before pulling out that gun (which should have never been pulled.


In other videos the officer is seen tackling Starling from the side while he was talk or arguing with the other officer. More talk or arguing should have been implemented to try and deescalate the situation. The officer should have never tackled Starling especially if they don’t even know if he really did anything.

Alton Sterling, shot, multiple, times, officers, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, July 5, 2016,


At the end of the day we don't know the full story yet, but if it comes out he was just selling mixtapes and minding his business well then we have a real problem in America!