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About Us

We believe that everyone in the entertainment world should have a chance to shine in the lime light if the really want it and if they are willing to do the work. With our ever innovative team that equally loves the entertainment world; we've created an interactive web-based entertainment magazine that combines the local scene with the majors, so that Indie and National become seamless. Entertainments New Thing (ENTMag) specializes in every aspect of the Entertainment world, exploring new innovations and the medium with which we bring best entertainment to our viewers. Our ever-growing team is dedicated to using new technology and social media to learn and know the preferences of our viewers and to incorporate those preferences to provide the primary vehicle for exploring the ever-changing landscape of the entertainment world.


This magazine is one of the many ventures by a group of the dopest people in the world. They believe in working hard and smart. They also believe in rewarding themselves with top notch diversion for their efforts. The dopocity and swaggatude you’ll find here are results of their endless search for quality entertainment. These are some of the more exellitudinest models, artists, and ideas they’ve found on their search. They travel the world in search of new ways to be entertained. Feel free to endulge your thrist for Entertainments New Thing, and check out the greatniffitude of the hand picked goodies they’ve found. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for all.

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