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A word from Iryna: Hello dear readers of ENT Mag, I am happy to say I am part of this new generation entertainment magazine! Here are some fun facts that were never disclosed before about my life: 1. I have been engaged 3 times before I got married to my son’s father! And we married without the engagement part! 2. I was trying to get pregnant for 3 years before I had my son; he was a huge surprise for me! 3. I used to live in Istanbul (Turkey) and I was seriously considering living there all my life! 4. I came to America on 3 years working visa, no I am not Ukrainian “Bride by Internet”, as many of you think! 5. My plane ticket one way did cost me $989, no sponsor was there, I bought plane ticket myself; get over it everyone who thinks pretty girls get everything for free! 6. My real height is 5’6” and I have been modeling for 10 years covering it up as 5’7”-5’8”! Dreams come true for everyone who works hard!
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Iryna Storozhuk is a former Ukrainian model that resides in Miami Beach since fall 2006. She is of Russian descent from her mother and of Ukrainian descent from her father.

Born in Izmail (small town in south Ukraine) in May 1985, she lived with her parents and older sister in post Soviet Union conditions. Even thou Iryna had a poor upbringing, her childhood was happy, her parents worked nearly 20 hours a day, things were difficult, but she managed to find a lot of light there. When she was growing up, it never occurred to her that she might not be successful. As far back as she could remember, she was driven to challenge and to be the best that she could be, no matter what she was doing. She always loved to learn, to work, to create, and to generate ideas.


Iryna’s was noticed by model scout at age 11 at her cousin’s wedding. That was a start to never-ending dreams about modeling and world of fashion. Just after graduation high school at 17 and moving to Odessa to study at the university, Iryna enrolled in a modeling academy.


Convinced by her parents that her life could not change for the better without education, Iryna kept her passion for modeling in secret and focused on becoming an accountant. But world of fashion did not want to let go of her. Right after getting her bachelor degree in accounting at 21, she moved to Miami to try her hand at modeling. Delighted to work, she was a dream client for the Posche Models agency and was an inspired woman for many Miami based American designers as Eva Danielle and Francisco Azucar.


At 21 years old she made headway in modeling but for some time, she was distracted however, after marrying American mortgage banker Mark Bruni. She gave birth to their son London Bruni on July 17, 2008. 5 years thru marriage Iryna’s husband had a heart failure and passed away. Since than Iryna and her son have been living with young American businessman, who’s name is being kept private.


Starting autumn 2010 Iryna helps new designers, photographers, makeup artists and hairs stylist to find their way in model industry. With the help of Miami finest fashion photographer Simon Soong she produces photo editorials to capture new looks and new designs. With Iryna’s help new American designers like Cruz Barriantos and Christian Segui were put on the world fashion map.


“My success comes from always going the extra mile with a smile at anything I do!”

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