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5 Ways To Get Paid As A Photographer

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1. PhotoShoots - Booking a photoshoot is the number one way of making money as a photographer.  You can set your photoshoot booking price from $100 - $100,000.  It all depends on your skill level, confidence level, how much you want to work, and how much you want to make a month. If you want to work 10 days a month and make $4000 a month not including prints and extras. You need to charge $400 a photoshoot.


2. Selling prints - Selling prints is what comes after a photoshoot. Some photographers don’t include prints with their photoshoots. The Photoshoot price sometimes only includes the time the photographer took to take the photos and not the prints or digital copies. This varies from photographer to photographer. The prices for prints will sometime exceed the price of the actual photoshoot, depending on what the client wants. Prints should be sold at least 3 times more than it cost to make them. So if a 8x10 cost the photographer $8 to make. The photographer should sell the prints to his Client at least $24.

3. Stock photography - Stock photography is the passive income of the photo world. How it works is you partner with a company like iStockphoto, you take photos of random objects, places and things, and iStockphoto gets them to companies that need photos. When companies use your photos they are leasing them from you and

istockphoto and you get royalties for them.  The more photos you take the more chances you have for companies to use your photos for something. Not every photo you take can be used, you will need to find out all the rules for the stock company you partner with.


4. Monetized Blogs - A Monetized  blog is a blog with ads on it like google ads.  If you put your photos on a blog, you built with banner ads from google or another Ad

company you will be paid depending on how many people come to your blog and how many people click on the ads. Them over people interested in your photos the more money you can make. Just remember you will not get rich overnight with this method.   Unless you are getting millions of people on your blog daily you will just be counting pennies but pennies add up. The Bigger your fan base gets the more money you make.

5. Photos on a youtube channel - This works on the same principle as Monetizing your blog.  You can make a video of your photos, with BTS stuff and or you talking about it and monetize your videos. The more people that watch it the more money you will make!!


Now That you know how to make money as a photographer let’s make money!!!!