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30 Things Photographers Hate

30 Things Photographers Hate

Entertainments New Thing Magazine’s journalist / photographer Anthony Skitz Wright surveyed major professional photographers from all over the world and asked them what do photographers hate. Some photographers didn’t want to spread hate; they just wanted to talk about positive things. While some not only hate things some models do, but they also hate other “photographers” as well.  So we at have comprised a list of things photographers hate. If you're a Model, MUA, Photographer or a wanna be photographer, you may want to read this, so you can see where you're messing up at.

Photographers hate...




1. People that schedule appointments and at the last minute cancel because something came up. Then you see them posting pictures that some other "photographer" took that are terrible but are cheaper.


2. When people just stand there and say what do you want me to do. Lol.. After they tell me they can model lol...


3. The screen capture function.


4. No shows


5. Not getting paid


6. Models canceling a shoot, 5 mins before a shoot is supposed to happen because they’re not feeling it, via text message.


7. When clients get watermarked photos and add Instagram filters on them!!!


8. Clients re-editing your photos!


9. Other photographers asking me what my settings are in a photo pit at a concert.


10. Peoples shadows in the way.


11. People stepping in front of you when they clearly see you taking a picture.


12. When they walk out of a church knowing they didn't put all of my creative effort into a wedding shoot because they didn't think the church was pretty enough and the backgrounds were bad.


13. "Uncle Bob" photographers who show up at weddings.


14. Seeing a perfect scene or moment and your camera's somewhere else.


15. People who blow you off instead of having the courtesy to say "no".


16. Other Photographers.


17. No call or no shows.


18. Forgetting their SD card in the computer.


19. When clients flake.


20. When clients screen-cap gallery images and post them on Facebook, then when you ask them to take them down and put heavier watermarks on their images in the gallery, they have the nerve to complain.


21. Loaning out gear and it's returned damaged


22. Humidity


23. The thoughts of getting a flat when I have no spare or jack


24. Not having a studio


25. Clients that are late for their appointments like I have no where else to be.


26. Vegetables


27. Doing a free photo shoots.


28. Instagram photographers.


29. When all the batteries die.


30. Bad MUA’s