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11 Reasons you'll never make it...

by: Anthony Skitz Wright

1. Your afraid to fail


The number one reason you won't make it is because your afraid to fail. You and your friends fill your heads up with "what ifs”, and you never execute. Your afraid of embarrassment and what people will think of you.  And your afraid to make that move to a place where you will actually make it.  Before you ever take that first step in the right direction. Your already like, what if it costs me to much, what if it's to hard, what if I don't have what it takes! Not realizing asking your self these questions are exactly what will help you become successful. These are all questions you must address in order to make it. If you fail, people will look up to you for even trying. One thing you have to realize is, you have to fail in order to achieve true success. So there is no embarrassment in failure, just learn and drive on.



2. You have the wrong people around you


You’ll never make it because you have the wrong people in your circle. The people you have in your circle a very important. If 10 of your friends are millionaires you maybe the 11th but if 10 of your friends are broke you probably are as well. It's good to have a diversity of people in your circle. People that are experts or some what experts at different things. This way you can reach out to each other to help each other rise to the top. If everyone in your circle sells drugs, not only will you get caught, but you guys are all taking each other's customers and dipping into each other's money.

3. Your lazy


You'll never make it because your lazy as hell and put things off constantly. If you want to do something you need to get up and get it.  Remember this, when your not doing it someone else is out there doing it, percratanation will kill your dreams.



4. Your not good at what you're doing


 You'll never make it because you haven't taken the time to perfect your craft.  It's been said, it takes 10,000 hours to be come an expert at something. That's 8 hours everyday for about 3 years straight. So if your not putting in the work you'll never be great!


5. You don't have a plan


You'll never make it because you don't have a plan. We all know things don't always go according to plan but you should  at least have a guide line to know what direction You need to be going. A plan will allow you to see what you need to work on and the places you may come up short. Preparing you for anything that life may through your way.



6. You don't have the passion


You’ll never make it because you don't really want it.  Your not passionate about what you do. If you want to be an astronaut you need to bleed dark matter and dream about Star Wars stuff. You can't just say you want some thing you a have to know it and feel it from with in.


Model- Shamar - @kshamarc

Photographer - @kidd_chaos

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7. Your not focus


You'll never make it because your eyes are not on the prize. Your to busy chasing woman or guys. Your out partying and drinking. And you don't have that lightning rod clear view of what you want to do.


8. Your Un-Original


You'll never make it because your not original. Doing the same things everyone else is doing won't set you a part from them. You have to think outside the box and do things no one else is doing.



9. You have no access to money


You'll never make it because you can't afford it. They say it takes money to make money, and boy oh boy is that true.  In order to get capital you need a side job, some sponsors, family willing to fund you, or a rich friend that can help you out.


10. Persistence


You'll never make it because your not persistent enough. You have to try try and try again, and after that try one more time. You have to work hard through the good times and the hard times. You have to out last your competition, to become the diamond in between all the coal. The problem is you quit when you couldn't figure out how to get to the next level.


11. Location


You’ll never make it because your in the wrong location. Location is everything, you can't sell ice scrapers in Dubai in the middle of the summer. You just have to go where your customer basis is.  If you wanna be a star you have to perfect your craft and take your ass to California. You can't use the excuse of there's a lot of traffic or there's earth quakes, not to go.

Model- Shamar - @kshamarc


Photographer - @kidd_chaos


MUA - @msbrittbrattz